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Lentil burger and beet puree on a bed of salad

I like tasty, vibrant healthy food. When I eat, I want a delicious taste explosion with each bite. I want to feel with every cell in my body that what I am eating is nourishing me and my family whilst being respectful to this beautiful planet we live on.

I like to eat with the seasons, cooking food with awareness through the year. I eat root vegetables, roasted and well-cooked, during fall and winter to support my Earth energies. In the summer my focus is more on cooling foods like salad and cucumber.

And last, but certainly not least, I like to eat consciously. That means serving food with meaning, with love, with care and attention to how it looks. It means enjoying and savouring each mouthful. It means giving thanks for the food that we eat. Often, it means sharing food with people too. I believe the way that we eat our food is crucial to how well that food nourishes us. We don't just put nutrients into our mouths - we put in the energy with which it was made. 

People often ask me for my recipes. Well, here they are! This is essentially my family recipe book. And a little more than that.

Every week I'll be writing about food, emotional well-being, five elements, nature, beauty and environmental issues. Each month I'll write a forecast based on five elements which will include ideas on living healthily with the seasons.

Through my life I have gone up and down with my moods, sometime sinking quite low into depression. The more ancient I become (only joking) the more I realise how closely linked the care of myself is with my moods. Simply put, when I take care of my own needs, I have the energy to do the things I want to do with ease and life becomes more fun.

Taking care of ourselves is so often pushed to the back of life. We're busy! But sometimes we need to slow down, re-charge, re-connect. 

For now, here are my latest posts:

Strawberries make you happy! With a little caveat.....

You have to like them to release the dopamine....

We happen to love strawberries in our family! I'm so happy to eat plenty of them as they come into season.

Strawberries are cooling, perfect for cooling summer heat in your body and also for toning down excess Wood energies.

These are some of my favourite recipes.

June 2017 - Five Element Forecast

Supplementary Fire, the beginning of the Fire Season.

Self-love and self-care are crucial for our well-being. We can't spread the love without first filling up with it. Without replenishing our inner reserves, we can become depleted.

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Why should bitter be the new black?

Because bitter food is so fabulous! That’s why.  Kale, still the in-guy at the moment, is bitter. Dark chocolate is bitter too. It’s the sugar and milk that’s the problem – not the actual chocolate. 

In general, people in the West tend not to eat much bitter food, or indeed sour food. We generally eat too much food that is sweet or fatty in nature. 

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Beet puree

Honestly, when I eat this I feel like it's going straight into my bloodstream. It is SO good. Not a beet fan? I still implore you to try it. We have beet puree in the fridge right through the winter months.

Eat it as an accompaniment to most tagines and veggie burgers, or as a spread on toast or just by the spoonful....

Beet puree in a small bowl.

Who is Lady Lentil?

I'm Becca! Wife to Stephen, Mom to Jamie and Oscar.

Here's a not-so-secret secret.... Neither Stephen or I are actually vegetarian. But Jamie spat out meat from the time he was a baby. He would magically separate the minced meat from the mashed potato in his mouth, and out it would come! And Oscar followed suit.

Both my kids were also quite fussy eaters. Healthy food, yes - but interesting? Hell no! They ate plain steamed vegetables and rice for most meals. They do actually both eat fish, so I guess they're really pescatarians. But fish is expensive and not a great thing for many people to eat in terms of looking after the planet.

When Jamie hit his growth spurt at around 14 years old, rice and veg simply wasn't enough for him any more. Quite quickly his taste buds matured! What a delight that was for me - I can't tell you how magical it felt! And so I was filled with a desire to fill him up with all the fabulous food he had been missing out on.... That's where this collection of vegetarian recipes comes from.

Also, I've been fascinated by Chinese five elements theory for many years now and it influences how we live and what we eat. So this collection of recipes also refers to how the food fits in with five elements and how you can eat to best support your best health.

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